Summer Perfect: Dressing for a Night Out

With those endless summer parties, you want to choose an outfit that makes you look great and approachable at any venue. Whether you are clubbing, unwinding at a lounge or enjoying food at a nice restaurant, here are some ideas on how to dress for the night out.

Despite there is no exact rule for choosing what to wear to a nightclub, there are three things to consider: the dress code, your personal style and comfort. You want to show your excellent taste in style without looking as if you were trying too hard. A combination of a white shirt, nice trousers, neat dress shoes and a matching belt will provide a clean and effortless image.

Sure, clubs can get very hot. Therefore, ensure your shirt is made from breathable fabric, such as cotton. For a long and lean silhouette, you can go for a slim-fit design, buttoned up just below your collarbone.

As for the trousers, they should embody relaxed aesthetics without looking loose and sloppy. Unless you intend to draw the entire attention to your legs, don’t squeeze in a pair of skinny jeans! Besides of visually shortening your legs, they also limit your movements. On the contrary, slim-fit trousers made from lightweight stretch cotton will complement your appearance and move effortlessly with your body.

When choosing your footwear, go for a pair of sleek and breathable lace-up shoes such as leather oxfords, monks or brogues that offer timeless elegance and comfort. For a compelling look, match them to a luxurious leather belt.

If lounging is your thing, you want to create a relaxed image that embodies confidence and comfort. Most lounges do not have a dress code. As an option, you can pair a lightweight unconstructed jacket with a T-shirt. An unlined jacket from naturally breathable cotton and linen ensures you stay cool and look effortlessly perfect during after-hour events. Pair it up with a white crew-neck T-shirt that is finely crafted from a blend of cotton and modal to provide an exceptionally comfortable feel. Slim-fit cotton chinos with subtle stretch will complement a polished appearance and offer ease of motion. As for the footwear, both leather loafers and boat shoes are good options for an elegant and clean look.

When dining out at a nice restaurant, aim to dress casual yet smart. You can achieve the balance by mixing formal and casual items such as straight leg chinos and a statement shirt worn with or without a jacket. Made from go-to summer fabrics linen and cotton, a pair of white chinos will infuse some ethereality into the abstract image, while suede boots will add even more personality with espadrille detailing and the brand’s monogram on the tongue.

On that note, even if your outing scenario is different from those mentioned above, with some simple modifications, you should be able to create a summer image that makes a good impression at any venue. In general, you want to draw a line between smart and casual, considering summer-friendly fabrics and adding a touch of personality to your nightlife attire.