Suits: How Many Do You Need?

The suit is a pinnacle of your wardrobe. It elevates your entire look and style. However, how many suites do you need in your closet?

Here are some options for your arsenal. Match them with different dress shirts, shoes and accessories to start your day. 

The Navy Suit

When it comes to business meetings, corporate events and other formal settings, nothing is as timeless and reliable as a navy suit. Teamed up with a white shirt and contrasting tie, the garment creates a smart, elegant silhouette. The suit made from wool ensures you stay warm in the winter. As for the warmest months, consider choosing lightweight wools or wool blends.

The Charcoal Grey Suit

The standard of business attire, a dark grey suit is multipurpose and easy to match. When paired with a white shirt, a suit offers a clean professional look. Warm or bright dress shirts inject some colour into your office attire.

The Light Grey Suit

A light grey suit works perfectly for spring and summer or when you just want to step out of the business environment. With this suit in your closet, you are ready to go from the office desk to a party.

The Medium Grey Suit

Medium grey is a highly versatile colour. White or off-white shirts complement the suit’s classy appeal, while darker shirts are reliable options for a business casual look or going out.

The Summer Suit

A suit made of breathable cotton, linen or cotton/linen blend will keep you cool during the hottest months. When wearing a classic white shirt underneath your suit, you can choose either boat dress shoes or sleek sneakers.

The Patterned Suit

How to create a casual chic appearance without being gaudy? A suit with subtle patterns and small prints can help inject some depth and texture to your look. A minimal pattern allows you to style the suit with different colours of your dress shirt.

Royal Blue Suit

Rich blue is a reminder that life is not about work only. Infuse pleasure in your weekends and long-haul trips by wearing this elegant suit.

The White Suit

Offering you a fresh and appealing image for any summer occasion, a completely white suit can effortlessly make a statement. When attending formal picnics, white parties or weddings, wear the suit with a contrasting dress shirt and tie to create a powerful impression.

The Brown Suit

If you are tired of wearing navy and grey suits, and you want to stand out just a little bit, brown is the great opportunity. When conquering a brown suit, wear a pale dress shirt underneath.

The Beige Suit

Neutral, calm and elegant… Beige is your exquisite solution to summer workdays and getaways.

The Tuxedo

Weddings, galas, award ceremonies and other semi-formal occasions call for a more formal suit than average. Should you attend events of this kind regularly, a dark tuxedo is something to invest in.

On a final note, you should start your collection with the most versatile suits and then add more styles to build up your wardrobe.