Suit, Blazer or Sport Jacket

Have you ever noticed jackets that have a softer and relaxed look? These jackets are made with little or no padding and no lining to give a natural look to the shoulders, while lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen and stretch-infused wool provide a comfortable feel. These jackets are usually available in a wide range of shades and patterns, and they can complement both, formal and casual attire.

However, can you tell the difference between a suit jacket, blazer and sport jacket? Let’s look under the hood to see what makes each of them unique.

Harper Stride, Suit,-Blazer-and-Sport-Jacket--What-is-the-Difference-

Starting with the dressiest of the three, the suit jacket is the most formal. Commonly, it always has a matching pair of trousers made from the same roll of fabric. The garment has elegant details such as buttons on the front and on the sleeve, jetted, flap or ticket pockets and the lapel buttonhole.

Made with canvas and inner lining, a suit jacket is the most fitted of the three. Tailored to follow the shape of your body, a peak, shawl or notch lapel jacket creates an elegant silhouette and accentuates your masculine appeal. Additionally, a padding adds more structure to the shoulder area.

Hence, it is not meant to be layered with anything thicker than a dress shirt or vest underneath. Comfortable yet sharp, a suit jacket is a right choice for most formal situations.

For sporting and weekend events, you can dress down with a blazer that looks looser yet has a little bit of structure to accentuate

Harper Stride, Suit,-Blazer-and-Sport-Jacket-What-is-the-Difference-

your proud posture. A thin padding makes the line of the shoulder smoother, and a light chest canvas provides the piece with a softer fit.

A blazer from lightweight wool is a classic. It is also available in flannel and serge fabrics. The garment usually has a notch lapel that can vary in width and size to complement the wearer’s physique. Nowadays, using peak lapels on blazers has become more apparent in prestigious brands.

Another distinguishing feature of the piece is its buttons. Gold, silver or mother of pearl, they tend to stand out on a blazer.

Moving to the most casual of the three, a sport jacket normally has the least structure, offering plenty of softness and comfort. The relaxed, loose fit with soft “unstructured” shoulder provides maximum movement and the ability to layer a sweater underneath.

A notch lapel sport jacket is typically made from more textured fabrics such as tweed, flannel and linen. The choice of a wider lapel that closes up your upper chest and neck makes the piece perfect for outdoor activities. The garment creates enough room for being active, featuring patch and ticket pockets, pleats and arm patches as well as almost any imaginable colour or pattern. Any pair of trousers in contrasting colours will go well with a sport jacket.

Generally speaking, each of the styles – suit jacket, blazer and sport jacket – adds a perfect variety to the collection of business and casual attire. Knowing the subtle differences will help you pick the collar that suits you better for any occasion.