Men Fly in Style

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, your style can get you immediate admiration and boost your confidence. Infuse pleasure to the long-haul trip by taking a closer look at each piece and make your traveling experience a first-class one.

Wear a suit to deliver a powerful first impression. Invest in a garment made from good quality wrinkle-resistant fabrics, such as wool, cashmere or cotton.

If it is just a shirt, do not let sweat ruin your fresh and clean image. Consider choosing a dress shirt made of light stretch-cotton. While offering a freedom of movement, it will let your skin breath.

Depending on how much contrast you wish to add to your attire, allow yourself to be playful with the style of your socks. Colourful or patterned socks can make a statement and show off your originality. Breathable, soft and insulating, merino wool is probably the best option for keeping your feet dry.

Reach a great balance of elegance and comfort with a nice pair of dress shoes. Timeless in style and great in performance, leather monks or loafers can be quickly slipped on and off, ensuring you look impeccable when gliding through airport security.

Carrying all together

A classic match to your suit, an elegant briefcase will carefully tote your laptop and papers, while a weekend bag will accommodate everything you need for a business-vacation trip. Invest in a quality leather bag that will look even better after years of use.