Frilly Days: Types of Ruffles

Ruffles can make a dramatic impact on the style of a garment. The well-placed detail delivers a strong sense of personality, adding either a poetic and carefree or an elegant and classic feel to the entire look.

Here are the most common ruffles and how to wear them with style.

Plain Ruffle features a single layer of fabric gathered along one edge and joined to the edge of the garment. A single ruffle can instantly add some dramatic vibe to skirts and dresses. Ruffled sleeves of a T-shirt or sweater will elevate any ensemble and make your jeans look more polished.

A Double Ruffle has two finished edges with the gathering stitch applied along their centre. When made from fine lightweight fabrics such as silk and chiffon, double ruffles create a fluid drape, adding the texture to the garment. When placed along the neckline of a top or blouse, double ruffles infuse a flirty and feminine flair to your style.

A Ruffle with a Header features two finished edges, and the gathering stitch is applied off-centre. The header is the top part of the ruffle and is usually shorter than the bottom section. The ruffle is a great way to finish the edge of a top or skirt for a romantic, girly vibe.

A Circular Ruffle is cut from a circular piece of fabric. The inner edge of the circle is stretched and joined to the edge of the garment to give it more texture. Circular ruffles seem to be more like waves. However, heavier fabrics make them look more structured. Circular-ruffled dresses look airy and bouncy.

Further, the ruffles can be modified accordingly to any project.