Fabrics That Make Your Ideal Garment

Fabric selection is an essential step in creating an elegant garment. Whether you are looking for luxury, high performance or comfort, Harper Stride got the rich library of high-quality materials to satisfy any taste and purpose.

Alpaca is the thin woolly hair of the Peruvian alpaca mammal with plenty of amazing features. Except for being resistant to wet conditions and sun, the high-quality wool gives you silk and airy feeling and makes your garments heirlooms.

Bamberg is made from cupro rayon, which is antistatic and resistant to stretching. It is also known for the excellent quality jacket lining.

Camel Hair is a natural fibre, gathered during the Bactrian camel’s moulting season. Camel’s hair is known for its thermostatic properties and softness, and it is typically used in its natural colours, which ranges from light beige to dark brown.

Cashmere is made up of soft fibres from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat. Warm and comfortable, the fabric can be used in pure form or blended with other threads.

Corduroy is a sturdy, durable fabric with narrow or wide vertical ribs or wale surface. The velvet-like fabric is relatively durable and wildly used in the constructions of jackets, dress pants and shirts.

Flannel is a soft twilled fabric with a loose, slightly fuzzy texture and napped surface. It can have plan or ribbed wave. Due to the napping, flannel is hot and perfect for winter-wear. It absorbs and releases moisture quickly and has a loose, breathable texture.

Gabardine is a durable, tightly woven fabric with a twill surface and diagonal ribs. It can protect the wearer against wind and rain.

Glen Plaid or Glenurquhart Check is a woollen fabric with a woven twill design featuring small and large checks.

Herringbone features a broken zigzag effect resembling the skeleton of a herring. Achieved by the altering the direction of a twill.

Houndstooth Check is characterised by a duotone textile pattern consisting of small, broken checks with a hook, resembling a dog’s incisor.

Lamb’s Wool is wool from the first shearing of a young sheep. It is noted for its softness and elasticity.

Linen is a natural fabric with a rough texture, made from the fibres of flax, an annual blooming plant with blue flowers. Due to the loose weave, linen is super breathable; therefore, is a summer-friendly fabric. Except for cooling the skin in the heat, linen can keep heat in the cold. Despite being a strong material, linen feels relatively soft on the skin.

Merino Wool is considered one of the best materials in the world. Produced by the merino ship, the wool is incredibly warm, light, elastic and durable.

Mohair is the fibre of the angora goat. It is notable for its crispness, high lustre, lightness and durability. It is typically blended with wool.

Saxony is a type of wool fabric named after Saxony, the sheep-growing town in Germany. The high-quality wool is pliable, elastic and soft to touch. It has a clear, concise finish and can be found in the construction of beautiful dress fabrics, suits, blazers and sport-jackets.

Seersucker is a crinkly, lightweight fabric made from cotton that originated in India. Alternate stripes of plain wave give the fabric the wrinkled appearance. One of the best summer fabrics, seersucker is light and durable. It does not cling to the skin, allowing for air circulation.

Serge is a twill fabric featuring diagonal ribs, smooth face and prominent wave. The premium fabric is extremely strong and sturdy. It has a dressy look and drapes exceptionally well.

Shetland is a light, soft and smooth woollen fabric with a very nappy, tweed-like structure. It is made exceptionally from the fine undercoat of the Shetland sheep.

Tweed is rough, wiry wool with a soft, hairy structure. Blending dyed wool before it is spun creates bright yarns to mingle tones and hues.

Vicuña Wool comes from the beautiful, lustrous undercoat of the wild vicuna goats of the Andes in South America. The goat’s soft fibres are considered some of the finest threads on the planet.