Consult with a Couturier

Your exclusive couturier will put together the best wardrobe for you!

With custom-made garments that match your style and purpose, perfect fit, all natural content fabric and the finishing details that make each piece uniquely yours.

All the necessary steps are taken to produce the best garment. From the custom paper pattern to the sample try on, the exquisite fabrics are delicately hand cut, assembled and secured with a basting stitch, enabling the execution of a much higher degree of precision for your custom pieces.

Our specialized couturiers (for both women and men) will expertly identify your style in consideration of your desired investment.

Each purchase includes an initial consultation, garment style selection, fabric and accessories selection, a comprehensive measuring process, a unique paper pattern, a sample try-on, mid-fittings, a final fitting visit.​

Harper Stride Couturier Services