All Seasons Capsule for Men

You do not have to buy new clothes every time you have a business meeting. Knowing a few simple tricks is enough to keep your wardrobe looking updated.

Start applying these tips, and you will be ready for any occasion.

Before you go shopping, clear out of anything that is deteriorating, stained or outdated.

Start off your wardrobe with a nice suit. While a wool, cashmere or tweed garment works great for winter, an unconstructed suit from cotton, linen or their mix provides maximum breathability on a hot day.

Consider investing in pieces that you can wear all year round. Dress shirts and pants in neutral hues are some of them. A white T-shirt looks elegant on its own in summer, and it can be layered up with a jacket or cardigan when it is cold. As for footwear, you will not go wrong with a pair of classic dress shoes such as brogues, oxfords or derbies.

A couple of sweaters, a wool coat, a pair of leather gloves and a scarf will protect you against the winter chill. Do not forget about proper winter footwear. A pair of waterproof leather shoes such as brogue boots will look sleek while keeping your toes warm.

When you enter the summer, consider buying a few T-shirts that can easily elevate your style to a business casual look with a jacket. A pair of flip-flops and swimming trunks might still work for the next season.

Keep in mind inter-seasonal pieces such as lightweight jackets, jeans and V-neck jumpers that can be teamed up with suede Chelsea and Chukka boots.

Ultimately, depending on your personal style, these basics will give you the flexibility to enrich your wardrobe later.