Harper Stride Retail


Harper Stride Retail (division of Harper Stride Inc.) creates products with a deep understanding of their objectives, clarity, simplicity and the belief that a unique design delivers an emotional response.

Since it’s launched, www.harperstride.com has been attracting a sophisticated audience by pushing into new creative territories and ensuring that each of the fashion and jewellery pieces remains original.

Harper Stride Retail garments are crafted from the finest natural fabrics and assembled with exceptional attention to detail. Designed, developed and produced in-house to the highest standards, each piece embodies a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Only official Harper Stride couturiers are allowed to sell and maintain Harper Stride’s services and products. The couturiers use their master skills, technical know-how and specialized equipment, to guarantee the quality of each item.

The custom-made service for women includes a rich variety of refined and feminine styles for any body type and personality.
For men, Harper Stride offers a wide selection of high-quality suits featuring personalized details, elegant colours and classic patterns for any occasion.


Harper Stride believes in the power of its charitable approaches to improve lives of vulnerable groups by helping them open doors to a better future.

Since its inception in 2013, Harper Stride has made a lasting contribution to local groups and organizations by helping them move people from poverty, improve health, quality of life and supporting local arts and culture.